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Welcome to P.C.A.S.

Professional Compressed Air Services, Inc. is a provider of compressed air equipment and designer of systems for industrial compressed air and vacuum applications. We offer Preventative Maintenance Service packages to reduce annual operating costs, improve system reliability and gather systemic information to assist in making operational and investment decisions.

Technical Services
To improve Operating Efficiencies and Add Directly To Your Bottom Line, in today's competitive marketplace, organizations must continually strive to find new cost savings that will improve their profitability. Compressed air is receiving increased visibility as a source of this cost savings. For many plants energy and maintenance figures dominate these lifecycle costs, but, depending on the plant, downtime costs can be even more significant.

When it comes to reducing your plant operating costs, and improving the quality and reliability of your industrial support systems, our Technical Services Group stands ready to serve. Our mission is to creatively use our talents and resources to develop best practice solutions to your industrial headaches.

We have engineers that perform Compressed Air Audits to lower annual operating costs for our clients.

When auditing or updating your system, don't settle for a generalist, hire a specialist. We follow the Systems Approach to deliver on our promise to improve reliability and process predictability, at a lower total cost of ownership. Let us steer your next compressed air installation project around the obstacles for a smooth transition and start up, on time and on budget.

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